Villages of Waterford Inc. Health and Safety Policy


At Villages of Waterford Inc., the health, safety and wellness of our employees and the safe conditions and work practices on our work sites is of the highest priority. Senior management shall ensure every reasonable precaution is to be taken to provide a safe and healthy work environment. It is our policy that all employees including senior management, supervisors, workers, sub-trades, and our customers and visitors who work on our projects, yards and offices and shop understand their collective responsibilities and work in a safe manner.

Villages of Waterford Inc.  senior management is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees.
We have developed a health and safety program designed to promote workplace health, safety, and wellness. We provide specific health and safety training for all employees and monitor the workplace environment for compliance with legislative requirements at all times.

We require that every person affiliated in any way at our worksites, offices, shops and yards, including; supervisors, workers, sub-trades, consultants, site visitors, 3rd party representatives and clients, abide by our company health and safety policy and location requirements and to adhere to the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations for both Construction Projects and Industrial Establishments.

It is the belief of Villages of Waterford Inc. senior management that every employee in our workplace has the right to and is entitled to work in a safe and healthy work environment, one that is free from violence and harassment, promotes occupational health and that they feel more than adequately trained to complete their duties.  All employees will receive training on their assigned job functions including how to perform their jobs safely in accordance with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, and applicable Regulations including the applicable Standards, Manufacturers Recommendations and Villages of Waterford Inc. Safe Work Controls and workplace instructions.

We acknowledge, we are all collectively responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and will ensure that our employees receive the required training and understanding of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects, and Industrial Establishments. Senior management promotes two-way feedback as we all work together in the spirit of cooperation and consultation with our workplace parties to promote the prevention of incidents, reductions in unwanted losses, and personal injuries or illnesses and ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Two-way communication between our workforce and our management team is a vital part of our business.

All employees are responsible for reporting any incidents, serious near-miss, work related first aid treatment, a case of workplace violence, harassment, or other form of discrimination, any damage to equipment, tool, machinery or company vehicles to their direct supervisor immediately.

It is the President’s and senior management commitment to set and review OHSMS objectives based on the review of our Health And Safety Management System and commit to the continual improvement of our program and performance in occupational health, safety and wellness.

I welcome any suggestions or comments for the continuous improvement of our health and safety program.

Yours Truly,

Angie O’Hara